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Ireland's Eye

"Articles, features, short stories".

Issues & Index Sources:  1979 – ?
Publishers:   Mullingar, Co. Westmeath
Frequency:   monthly

Ireland's Own

Published a large amount of Irish fiction.

Issues & Index Sources:  26-Nov-1902 – present
Publishers:   Ireland's Own, Dublin
Formats:   large quarto
Prices:   2d
Pagecounts:   33pp
Frequency:   weekly

Irish Bookman

Short stories and articles of interest to Irish people.

Issues & Index Sources:  Aug-1946 – Dec-1948: FictionMags Index (incomplete)
Publishers:   Seamus Campbell, 2-3 Yarnhall St., Dublin
Editors:   Seamus Campbell
Prices:   1/-
Frequency:   quarterly

Irish Emerland

Ran strong nationalist, sensationalistic stories and serials.

Issues & Index Sources

  1891 – 1912

#merges with The Shamrock







Irish Fantasy Quarterly Magazine

Total Issues: 2

Issues & Index Sources:  Jul-2005 – Oct-2005: Science Fiction Index
Publishers:   Quarterly Press
Editors:   Eoin Purcell
Issue Checklist

The Irish Literary Gazette

Many stories and series including work by R.D. Joyce.

Issues & Index Sources:  1857 – 1861
Publishers:   Chamney, Dublin
Formats:   quarto
Frequency:   weekly first first 2 vols, then monthly

The Irish Messenger

Many Irish serials.

Issues & Index Sources:  Jan-1888 – ?
Publishers:   The Messenger, Dublin
Formats:   tabloid
Prices:   1d
Frequency:   monthly

Irish Metropolitan Magazine

Ran many Irish stories and serials.

Issues & Index Sources:  1857 – 1858
Publishers:   Milliken, Dublin

The Irish Monthly

At the outset ran a lot of fiction including works by Katharine Tynan, M.E. Francis, Lady Gilbert. Fiction decreased after Russell's editorship from 1913 on.

Issues & Index Sources:  Jul-1873 – 1954?: Index to Periodical Literature (1873 - 1896 only)
Publishers:   Gill, Dublin
Editors:   1873 – 1912: Father Matthew Russell
Frequency:   monthly

The Irish Monthly Magazine [1832]

Total Issues: 17

Mostly commentary and nationalistic articles and poems. Ran one or two stories per issue.

Issues & Index Sources:  May-1832 – Sep-1834
Publishers:   Dublin
Formats:   standard (reducing to 96pp or so)
Pagecounts:   112pp
Frequency:   monthly

The Irish Monthly Magazine [1846]

see also under Irish Union Magazine

The Irish Packet

A popular penny weekly of 'fact, fun and fiction'. Ran a lot of short stories including work by Katharine Tynan, Justin McCarthy, William Boyle, Jane Barlow, J.D. Guinan, William Buckley.

Issues & Index Sources:  1903 – 1909
Editors:   M. M'D. Bodkin
Formats:   small tabloid
Prices:   1d
Frequency:   weekly

The Irish Penny Journal

Total Issues: 52

Ran many short stories (no serials) including folktales and Irish sketches by Mrs S.C. Hall, William Carleton.

Issues & Index Sources:  4-Jul-1840 – 26-Jun-1841: FictionMags Index (sample issue only)
Publishers:   Gunn & Cameron, Dublin
Formats:   quarto
Frequency:   weekly

The Irish Penny Magazine

Total Issues: 67

Ran many anonymous stories. Charles Lever contributor.

Issues & Index Sources

  Jan-1833 – 11-Jan-1834
  1-Jan-1842 – 26-Mar-1842











The Irish Review

Total Issues: 41

The chief magazine of the Irish literary renaissance. Included work by James Stephens, Padraic Colum, G.W. Russell, Lord Dunsany, Dermot O'Byrne. A significant magazine.

Issues & Index Sources:  Mar-1911 – Nov-1914
Publishers:   The Irish Review Pub. Co., Dublin
Formats:   standard
Frequency:   monthly

The Irish Rosary

In its day the only Irish illustrated magazine. Ran a large amount of Irish fiction.

Issues & Index Sources:  1897 – ?
Publishers:   St Saviour's Priory, Dublin
Prices:   4d
Frequency:   monthly

Irish Union Magazine

Unionist magazine than ran several stories and serials

Issues & Index Sources

  Jul-1845 – Dec-1845
  Jan-1846 – Jun-1847, as Irish Monthly Magazine


  Keene, Dublin







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