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Icarus [2009]

Total Issues: 18

Subtitled "The Magazine of Gay Speculative Fiction".

Issues & Index Sources:  Summer 2009 – Fall/Winter 2013: Science Fiction Index
Editors:   Steve Berman
Frequency:   quarterly
Related Sites:   Science Fiction Encyclopedia
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"International poetry magazine which also uses offbeat short stories". Possibly two separate magazines - one started in London in 1962 and one in Dublin in 1950.

Issues & Index Sources:  ?
Publishers:   Southern Cross Press Ltd, 29 Conway St., London W1
Editors:   Marc Alexander (in 1962)
Frequency:   quarterly

Icarus Ascending

Total Issues: 2

A classy-looking magazine of poetry and short-short prose by Charlee Jacob, Ann K. Schwader, Marge B. Simon, Denise Dumars, David C. Kopaska-Merkel, Bruce S. Larson and others.

Issues & Index Sources:  Oct-2000 – Spring/Summer 2001: Science Fiction Index
Publishers:   Artifact Press, 1701 Stanley Road, Cazenovia, New York 13035
Editors:   Deborah Shepard
Formats:   A5
Prices:   $4.50
Pagecounts:   32pp
Email Address:
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Ice River

Total Issues: 6


Issues & Index Sources:  Summer 1987 – Feb-1990: Science Fiction Index
Related Sites:   Science Fiction Encyclopedia
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"I Confess"

Total Issues: 209

Issues & Index Sources:  Feb-1922 – Feb-1932: FictionMags Index (sample issues only)
Publishers:   "I Confess" Publications
Related Sites:   The Pulp Magazines Project
Sources:   Ultimate Guide to the Pulps
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"I Confess" (Canada)

Canadian reprint edition of "I Confess".

Issues & Index Sources:  in 1940s

The Idaho Review

Total Issues: 14 (to 2014)

Issues & Index Sources:  1998 – present
Publishers:   Boise State University, English Dept, 1910 University Drive, Boise, ID 83725 (in 2000 - 2002)
Editors:   Mitch Wieland (in 2000 - 2002)
Frequency:   annual
Sources:   O. Henry Awards Website (in 2002)

Ideal Library

Total Issues: 283

Issues & Index Sources:  1894 – 1897
Publishers:   Donohue-Henneberry
Sources:   Dime Novel Bibliography

Ideal Love (Stories)

Total Issues: 103?

Issues & Index Sources

  Feb-1941 – May-1950?, as Ideal Love: FictionMags Index (sample issues only)
  Aug-1950? – Apr-1960?, as Ideal Love Stories: FictionMags Index (sample issues only)


  1941 – 1942?: Double-Action Magazines, Inc. (Columbia Publications)
  Columbia Magazines, NY


  Marie A. Park

Sources:   The Adventure House Guide to the Pulps, Ultimate Guide to the Pulps
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Ideal Love (UK)

Total Issues: 1

Issues & Index Sources:  1942: FictionMags Index
Publishers:   Gerald G. Swan
Pagecounts:   49pp
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Ideal Series of American Copyright Novels

Total Issues: 9

Issues & Index Sources:  1888: Dime Novel Bibliography
Publishers:   A.L. Burt, New York
Formats:   7 1/2" x 5 1/4"
Prices:   35c and 50c
Pagecounts:   250pp
Sources:   Dime Novel Bibliography

The Ideal Woman

Cover states that the magazine contains "over 35 Articles and Stories" although it isn't entirely clear if the stories are fiction or not.

Issues & Index Sources:  Nov-1941 – ?
Formats:   7½" by 5½"
Prices:   10c
Pagecounts:   66pp


Total Issues: 1591

Issues & Index Sources

  9-Jan-1905 – 31-May-1930
  7-Jun-1930 – 4-Sep-1935, as Ideas and Town Talk


  Hulton, London (moved to Manchester in Aug-1923)


  Harold Bowler (in 1934)




Online semiprofessional SF magazine.

Issues & Index Sources:  Jul-2002? – Mar-2015
Publishers:   Leah Bobet
Editors:   @John Oz (Dec-2000 - May-2001); Chris Clarke (Jun-2001 - Jun-2004); Marsha Sisolak (Sep-2004 - Dec-2008); Leah Bobet (Mar-2009 - ?)
Related Sites:   Science Fiction Encyclopedia

Idle Hour Series

Total Issues: 20

Issues & Index Sources:  1902: Dime Novel Bibliography
Publishers:   R.F. Fenno & Co., 9-11 East 16th St., New York
Formats:   7 1/4 x 5"
Prices:   50c
Pagecounts:   300pp
Sources:   Dime Novel Bibliography

Idle Hour Series

Total Issues: 20

"The works in this series are exclusively American Copyright Novels, by the most popular authors of the day, which can be obtained in no other edition. They comprise a series of novels of strong dramatic interest, and being printed from large type on good paper, uniformly bound in attractive paper covers, and sold at a popular price, they should command the attention of every lover of good fiction."

Issues & Index Sources:  24-Feb-1892 – 30-Apr-1892: Dime Novel Bibliography
Publishers:   F.M. Lupton, No. 65 Duane St., New York
Formats:   7 x 4 3/4"
Prices:   10c
Pagecounts:   125-150
Frequency:   Semi-Weekly
Sources:   Dime Novel Bibliography

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