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Cross Plains

Country: US
Total Issues: 7

Fanzine about Robert E. Howard.

Issues & Index Sources:  Jan-1974 – Sep-1975: Science Fiction Index
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Country: US
Total Issues: 22

Issues & Index Sources

  Mar-1992 – Oct-1999: Science Fiction Index



  Mar-1992 – Feb-1995: Pat Nielsen, Jacksonville, FL
  Jun-1995 – Feb-1997: Pat Nielsen, Jacksonville, NC
  Jun-1997 – Oct-1999: Pat Nielsen, Beulaville, NC
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Crossworlds Magazine

Country: US
Total Issues: 1

A comic book size magazine, with one graphic piece and six prose short stories, whose goal is to help "rediscover our sense of wonder, and challenge our deepest fears; we can explore the mysteries of the universe through ideas: and more importantly, we can learn more about ourselves".

Issues & Index Sources:  v1 #1, 1994: Science Fiction Index
Publishers:   Synergy Studio, Walnut, CA
Editors:   Mark W. Miller
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Croton Review

Country: US
Total Issues: 11

Published stories by T. Coraghessan Boyle and Carol Emshwiller, among others.

Issues & Index Sources:  Summer 1978 – Spring/Summer 1988
Publishers:   Croton Council on the Arts, PO Box 277, Croton-on-Hudson, NY 10520
Editors:   Ruth Lisa Schechter
Frequency:   Annual

Crowded Magazine

Country: Australia
Total Issues: 2?

A tri-annual pro-paying speculative fiction magazine.

Issues & Index Sources:  Feb-2013 – Sep-2013?: Science Fiction Index
Editors:   Baden Chant & Ethan Fode
Frequency:   tri-annual
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Crown Series

Country: US
Total Issues: 125

Issues & Index Sources:  21-Feb-1898 – 15-Jul-1898: Dime Novel Bibliography (incomplete after #86)
Publishers:   George Munro's Sons, 17 to 27 Vandewater St., New York
Formats:   7½ x 5¼"
Prices:   25c
Pagecounts:   300 to 400pp
Frequency:   Daily
Mentioned in:   Dime Novel Bibliography

Crucified Toad [1970]

Country: UK
Total Issues: 1

Non-fiction SF fanzine.

Issues & Index Sources:  Winter 1970: FictionMags Index
Editors:   John Muir

Crucified Toad [1974]

see under Weird Fantasy

The Crusoe Mag.

Country: UK
Total Issues: 24+13+18=55

Ran fiction by A.M. Burrage, Zane Grey, Barry Perowne, Stacey Blake. Became Golden West Magazine on the cover (only) from January 1928. Each of the three series reverted the volume numbering to Volume 1 Number 1, but the first two incarnations are virtually identical as standard boys' adventure magazines. As The Golden West it became a full-blown adult western pulp.

Issues & Index Sources

  Jun-1924 – May-1926: General Fiction Index
  Jun-1926 – Jun-1927, as The Golden Mag.: General Fiction Index
  Jul-1927 – Dec-1928, as The Golden West: Western Fiction Index


  George Newnes


  Jun-1924 – May-1926: A.C. Marshall
  Jun-1926 – Dec-1928: possibly Reeves Shaw


  standard pulp







Mentioned in:   The Age of the Storytellers
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Country: Australia
Total Issues: 6


Issues & Index Sources:  Sep-1979 – 1985: Science Fiction Index
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Cry of the Nameless

Country: US
Total Issues: 185

An entertaining and dependable fanzine, mainly concerned with Fandom. Initially titled Cry of the Nameless but shortened to Cry in the mid-1950s.

Issues & Index Sources:  1950 – 1969
Publishers:   The Nameless Ones, Seattle
Editors:   F.M. Busby, Elinor Busby, Wally Weber
Related Sites:   Science Fiction Encyclopedia

Crypt of Cthulhu

Country: US
Total Issues: 108+6=114 (as at Oct-2021)

Amateur magazine.

Issues & Index Sources

  #1, 1981 – #107, 2001: Science Fiction Index
  #108, 2017 – present: Science Fiction Index (Missing: any after #113, 2019)



  1981 – ?: Necronomicon Press; West Warwick, RI
  ? – #107, 2001: Mythos Books
  #108, 2017 – present: Necronomicon Press; West Warwick, RI


  Robert M. Price (to #108)
  Joe S. Pulver, Sr. (#109 - )




  $4.50 (in 1999)


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Country: US

Fanzine including a running serial, short stories and poems.

Issues & Index Sources:  8/71 – 11/72?
Publishers:   Warren Scott Miller, North Dartmouth, Massachusetts
Editors:   Warren Scott Miller

The Crystal [1935]

see under Girls' Crystal

Crystal Bedtime Stories

Country: UK
Total Issues: 1

Issues & Index Sources:  c. 1951
Publishers:   Paget Publications, 106 Glenthorne Road, Hammersmith, London

The Crystal Stories

Country: UK
Total Issues: 181

Issues & Index Sources:  1881 – 1896
Publishers:   R. Willoughby, London
Frequency:   monthly

Cthulhu Calls

Country: US
Total Issues: 16?

Fanzine - a quarterly review that featured fiction in most issues.

Issues & Index Sources:  Jul-1973 – Jul-1977?: Science Fiction Index (Missing: Jul-1973; Apr-1974; Oct-1974; Oct-1975; Jul-1976; Apr-1977; Jul-1977)
Publishers:   Northwest Community College of Powell, Wyoming
Editors:   Terry R. Shorb
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Cthulhu Codex

see under Chronicles of the Cthulhu Codex

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