Saucy Magazines
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The following is a list of all known Saucy Magazines – each magazine name is hyperlinked to the associated illustrated checklist. For simplicity, the large number of UK magazines in the 1940s/50s which ran for only a single issue have been omitted from this list and can be found on a separate page.

Ace Magazine French Frolics [1934] Midnight Gayeties Saucy Stories [1916]
Action for Men French Night Life Stories Mid Nite Frolics Saucy Stories [1935]
Adam French Scandals Mistress! Saucy Stories (UK)
Adam Bedside Reader French Stories Mr. Scamp
Adam Passion Frolics Modern Art & Stories Scandals
Affair Funny Stories Modern Adventuress Scarlet Adventuress
After Hours Fury Modern Man Scarlet Confessions
All Man Gallery Monsieur Scarlet Gang Smashers
Allure Gay Blade Movie Fun Scarlet Gang Smashers (UK)
Art and Story Lovers' Magazine Gay Book Magazine Movie Humor Scarlet Gang Stories
Art Classics Gay Book Magazine [1957] Movie Merry-Go-Round Scene (for Men)
Artists and Models Stories Gay Broadway M'sieur Score
Art Lovers' Magazine Gayety Mystique Screen Art Studies
Baby Doll Gay French Life National Screw Screen Humor
Bachelor [1950s] Gay French Stories The New Eve Screenies
Bachelor [1960s] Gay Life Stories The New Parisienne Monthly Magazine Screen Scandals
Ballyhoo The Gay Mag (UK)
The New Pix Secrets [1922]
Beauty Parade Gay Parisienne New York Nights Sensation [1941]
Bedside Clubman Gay Parisienne (Canada) Nifty Stories Sensation [1960s]
Bedtime Stories Gay Stories Nightcap Sex [1926]
Best for Men Genesis Night Life Stories Sex Stories
Black Lace Gent Night Life Tales Sheer
Black Magic Giggles Nights in Rio (UK) Sheer Folly
Blaze Ginger (Stories) Nudistory Showcase
The Blue Moon Ginger Jar Nugget Showgirls
Body Shop Girl Show Oui Silk Stocking Stories
La Boheme Girl Watcher Pagan Sir!
Boudoir Glance Paree Sir Knight
Boudoir Tales Golden Nugget La Paree (Stories) Sizzle
Breezy Stories Happy Stories Paris Follies [1933] Sizzling Detective Mysteries
Breezy Stories (Canada) Harlequin Paris Follies [1940]
Sizzling Stories
Broadway Follies (US) He Paris Frolics [1931] Smash Stories
Broadway Follies (UK) Heart to Heart Stories Paris Frolics [1934] Snap (US)
Broadway Night Life High Paris Gayety Snappy
Broadway Nights High Heel Parisian Life Snappy Adventure Stories
Broadway Scandals High Time Parisienne Cocktails Snappy Detective Mysteries
Bunk Hi-Life The (New) Parisienne (Monthly) Mag Snappy Stories
Burlesk Ho! Parisienne Follies [1930s] Spice Box
Burten's Follies Hollywood Capers (UK) Parisienne Follies [1940] Spicy Adult Stories
Cad Hollywood Nights Parisienne Nights Spicy Adventure Stories
Campus Comics Quarterly Hollywood Playgirls Parisienne Revue Spicy Detective Stories
Candid Confessions Hollywood Revels Paris Nights Spicy Movie Tales
Caper Hollywood Tales Paris Revels Spicy Mystery Stories
Carnival (US) Hot-Cha Passion Stories Spicy Screen Stories
Carnival Combined with Show Hot Spot Penthouse (US) Spicy Stories
Carnival Stories Quarterly Hot Stories Penthouse (UK) Spicy Tales
Cavalcade (US) Hot Tales Pep! Spicy Western Stories
Cavalier HQ Pepper Spree
Cheeky Hustler Pepper-Pot Quarterly Stag
Classics - of Love, Art and Humor IT: Intimate Personality Stories Peppy Poetry Stage and Screen Stories
Climax [1953] Jade Peppy Stories Stocking Parade
Climax [1969] Jaguar Peppy Tales Stolen Sweets
Cloud-9 Jem Pep Stories Streets of Paris
College Humor (and Sense) Jester (US) Pep Tec (Tales) Studio Art Studies
College Life Magazine Jolly Follies Perfect 10 Sugar
Cupid's Capers Joy Stories Pictorial French Follies Swagger
Cutie (US) Juicy Tales Pix Swank
Dapper King [1958] Playboy Tattle Tales
Daring [1950] King [1971] Playgirl Tattle Tales (UK)
Daring [1960] King (UK) Playtime [1958] Telling Tales
Debonair Knave Playtime [1960s] Tempting Tales
Don't Look Now Knave (UK) Pleasure (US) [1960] 10 Story Book
Droll Stories Knight Plush Tiger
The Dude Late Show Prince Tiger Quarterly
Duke [1957] Lavender and Lace Rapture Tip Top (International)
Duke [1967] Legendary Sex Tales Rascal Titter
Escapade Libido Real Bedtime Tales Tonight
Experience Lively Nights Real Boudoir Tales Topper
Eye Lively Stories Real Forbidden Sweets Touch
Eyeful The Live Wire Real French Capers Trojan
Fascinating Fiction [1917] Love Nest Stories Real Life Confessions Two Book Saucy Stories
Fascinating Fiction [1922] Love Revels Magazine Real Screen Fun Two Book Spicy
Favorite Tales Lucky for Men Real Smart Vampires
Femina Lurid Confessions Real Stolen Sweets Venus [1927]
Fiesta [1956] Macho Real Story Book (Frolics) Venus [1958]
Film Fun Madcap Real Telling Tales Vice-Squad Detective [1935]
Flame [1959] Male Real Tempting Tales Whisper
The Flapper Man's Adventure Reel Humor Whoopee!
Flapper's Experience Man's Magazine Relax Wildcat
Fling Man's Way La Revue Parisienne Wild Cherries
Flirt Man's World Rex Wink
The Follies Man to Man Rogue Wow!
For Men Only Mate! for Men Romp Yellow Book [1915]
French Art and Models Stories Matinee Rugged Young's Magazine
French Capers Mayfair (UK) Satan Young's Realistic Stories Magazine
French Follies [1930s] Men Satan's Scrapbook Young's Snappy Realistic Stories
French Follies [1960s] Men's Digest Saucy Detective (Stories) Zing
French Frills Mermaid Saucy Movie Tales Zippy
French Frolics [1933] Midnight Saucy Romantic Adventures Zippy (Canada)