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Rage (for Men) [1960]

Total Issues: 12+

Issues & Index Sources

  Sep-1960 – Mar-1963, as Rage
  May-1963 – Jul-1964, as Rage for Men


  Natlus Inc.


  It's a Man's World
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Railroad Detective Stories

This title is rumoured to exist, but no positive evidence has been found to substantiate it. (MDE)

Issues & Index Sources:  1930: Crime Fiction Index (Missing: all issues; possibly phantom)
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Railroad Edition

Total Issues: 1

Issues & Index Sources:  1910 – 1915
Publishers:   Ivers
Sources:   Dime Novel Bibliography

The Railroad Man's Magazine

Total Issues: 81+6+71+26+67+441=692

One of the first specialized pulps, with stories and articles about the railroads; dropped fiction after Jan-1979.

Issues & Index Sources

  Oct-1906 – May-1911: General Fiction Index
  Jun-1911 – Jun-1913, as Railroad Man's Magazine: General Fiction Index (Missing: Nov-1912; Jan-1913 to Jun-1913)
  Jul-1913 – Dec-1913, as Railroad and Current Mechanics: General Fiction Index (Missing: Jul-1913; Aug-1913; Sep-1913; Dec-1913)
  Jan-1914 – 18-Jan-1919, as Railroad Man's Magazine: General Fiction Index (incomplete)

#merges with Argosy

  Dec-1929 – Jan-1932, as Railroad Man's Magazine: General Fiction Index
  Feb-1932 – Aug-1937, as Railroad Stories: General Fiction Index
  Sep-1937 – Jan-1979, as Railroad Magazine: General Fiction Index
  May-1979 – present, as Railfan and Railroad (non-fiction)


  Oct-1906 – Dec-1942: Frank A. Munsey
  Jan-1943 – 1976: Popular Publications
  1976 – Jan-1979: Carstens Publishing



  Oct-1906 – Dec-1942: pulp


  in 1906: 10c
  in 1912: 15c
  in 1940: 25c
  in 1948: 35c
  Jun-1955 – Aug-1964: 50c


  Dec-1929 – Sep-1931: 160pp
  Oct-1931 – Nov-1932: 144pp
  Dec-1932 – ?: 128pp
  in 1939: 144pp
  Jun-1955 – Aug-1964: 64pp


  Oct-1906 – Nov-1918: monthly
  2-Nov-1918 – 18-Jan-1919: weekly
  Dec-1929 – May-1955: monthly
  Jun-1955 – Aug-1964: bimonthly


  The Adventure House Guide to the Pulps, Ultimate Guide to the Pulps
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Railroad Reading

Total Issues: 1

Issues & Index Sources:  1865
Publishers:   American News Company
Sources:   Dime Novel Bibliography

Railroad Series

Total Issues: 129

Issues & Index Sources:  1900 – 1920
Publishers:   J. S. Ogilvie Publishing Company
Sources:   Dime Novel Bibliography

Railroad Stories (Canada)

Canadian reprint edition of Railroad Stories.

Issues & Index Sources:  in 1930s: General Fiction Index (Missing: all issues)
Formats:   standard pulp
Sources:   The Pulpster #11, 2001
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Rain Crow

Total Issues: 3 (to Dec-2002)

The magazine features prose poems, short-shorts, short stories and novellas in many genres and styles from established and emerging writers alike. The occasional piece of non-fiction and poetry may find its way into the magazine as well.

Issues & Index Sources:  Jan-2001 – 2003
Publishers:   Rain Crow Publishing, 2127 West Pierce Avenue #2B, Chicago, IL 60622-1824 (in 2002)
Editors:   Michael S. Manley (in 2002)
Formats:   5.5" x 8.5" perfect bound
Prices:   $7.00
Pagecounts:   160pp
Frequency:   three times a year
Sources:   O. Henry Awards Website (in 2002)

Rain Taxi

Total Issues: 76 (to Winter 2014)

Although primarily a magazine of reviews, interviews and essays, it also runs fiction with an emphasis on pushing the boundaries of language and genre. Circulation 20,000.

Issues & Index Sources:  1996 – present
Publishers:   Rain Taxi, Minneapolis, MN
Editors:   Eric Lorberer
Formats:   A4
Prices:   $2.50
Pagecounts:   56pp
Frequency:   quarterly

The Rake

A monthly magazine, with free, controlled circulation in the Twin Cities (Minneapolis and St. Paul) metro area. Its format is 10" x 12", stitched and trimmed, with glossy cover, heatset printing, and lots of color throughout: "sort of a casual version of your favorite glossy or literary magazine". Occasionally publishes fiction.

Issues & Index Sources:  2002 – Mar-2008: FictionMags Index (sample issues only)
Publishers:   Rake Publishing, Inc, 800 Washington Av. N., Suite 504, Minneapolis, MN 55401
Formats:   10" x 12"
Prices:   free

The Rambler [1750]

Issues & Index Sources:  1750 – 1752
Editors:   Samuel Johnson
Frequency:   twice-weekly
Sources:   British Literary Magazines Vol. 1

The Rambler [1848]

Total Issues: 180

Serialised several novels, e.g. Cecilia Caddell's "Seymour's Curse".

Issues & Index Sources

  1-Jan-1848 – May-1862: The Wellesley Index to Victorian Periodicals Volume 2


  James Burn (later Burns & Lambert) to May-1862, then Williams & Norgate


  1848 – 1852: John Moore Capes
  1852 – Sep-1854: James Spencer Northcote
  Oct-1854 – Feb-1859: Richard Simpson
  Mar-1859 – Jul-1859: John H. Newman
  Aug-1859 – ?: Sir John Acton


  1-Jan-1848 – 26-Aug-1848: weekly
  Sep-1848 – Feb-1859: monthly
  Mar-1859 – ?: bimonthly


  British Literary Magazines Vol. 3

The Rambler [2004]

A magazine of good writing and good conversation featuring interviews as well as selections of fiction, poetry, essays, original drawings, and photography.

Originally called The Village Rambler.

Issues & Index Sources:  Jan/Feb-2004 – Mar/Apr-2009: FictionMags Index (sample issue only)
Publishers:   Rambler Publications, LLC, PO Box 5070, Chapel Hill, NC 27514-5001
Editors:   Elizabeth Oliver
Formats:   quarto
Prices:   $4.95
Pagecounts:   64pp
Frequency:   bimonthly


A glossy illustrated American political and literary magazine which occasionally published some fiction.

Issues & Index Sources:  Jun-1962 – 1975: FictionMags Index (sample issue only)
Editors:   Robert Scheer
Related Sites:   Wikipedia


"An important outlet for Canadian poetry and fiction".

Issues & Index Sources:  1979 – present
Publishers:   81 Thornloe Crescent, Sault Ste. Marie, ON, P6A 4J4
Editors:   Karl E. Jirgens
Formats:   chapbook

Ranch Love Stories

Total Issues: 1

Issues & Index Sources:  Mar-1950: Western Fiction Index
Publishers:   Interstate
Formats:   standard pulp
Sources:   The Adventure House Guide to the Pulps, Ultimate Guide to the Pulps, The Pulp Western
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