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The Grand Magazine

Total Issues: 422

The first real British all-fiction "pulp". Mainly fiction (although the first few volumes also featured some popular non-fiction).

Issues & Index Sources

  Feb-1905 – Mar-1908: FictionMags Index
  Apr-1908 – ?, as The Grand Magazine of Fiction: FictionMags Index (sample issues only)
  ? – Apr-1940, as The Grand Magazine: FictionMags Index (sample issues only)


  George Newnes


  1905 – 1910: Alderson Anderson (possibly actually H. Greenhough Smith)
  1911 – 1920: C.W. Wingham
  1920 – 1931: Reeves Shaw (assisted by Alice Grant Rosman c. 1923-27 and H.W. Leggett 1927-31)
  1932 – 1940: H.W. Leggett (acting editor)


  standard on pulp paper


  monthly (but combined March/April 1910 issue)

Sources:   The Age of the Storytellers
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Grand Street

Began as a more literary review heavy on essays and some fiction; has shifted to a more art, features base. See A Grand Street Reader ed. Ben Sonnenberg (1986).

Issues & Index Sources:  Autumn 1981 – 2004: Short Story Index
Publishers:   131 Varick Street, Room 906, New York, NY 10013 (in 1998 - 2000); 214 Sullivan Street, Suite 6C, New York, NY 10012 (in 2002)
Editors:   Ben Sonnenberg at outset; Jean Stein (in 1999 - 2002)
Formats:   review
Frequency:   quarterly
Sources:   O. Henry Awards Website (in 2002)
Email Address:



Issues & Index Sources:  Feb-1968 – ?
Editors:   Linda Bushyager
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Granite Series

Total Issues: 150

Issues & Index Sources:  in 1890s
Publishers:   American Publishers Corporation
Sources:   Dime Novel Bibliography

The Granta [1889]

A Cambridge students' little magazine, and long a training ground for humorists who went on to greater things (among them F. Anstey, E.F. Benson, Barry Pain, A.A. Milne), it faded away in the 1960s; revived in very different format as Granta, 1979.

Issues & Index Sources:  1889 – 196?
Publishers:   Cambridge University
Frequency:   irregular frequency
Sources:   British Literary Magazines Vol. 3

Granta [1979]

Total Issues: 132 (to Summer 2015)

Revived in 1979 by the energetic American owner-editor Buford (subsequently fiction editor of The New Yorker). In its modern guise it has published stories by Angela Carter, Salman Rushdie, etc, as well as poetry and much cultural journalism; circulation about 15,000.

Issues & Index Sources

  1979 – present: Short Story Index (Ficmags sample issues only)
FictionMags Index


  Bill Buford, Cambridge; moved to London at some point prior to 1990


  1979 – 1995: Bill Buford
  1996 – 2007: Ian Jack
  2007 – present: Jason Cowley


  large digest; now pocketbook


  £5.99 (in 1990)


  256pp (in 1990)




Grantville Gazette

Total Issues: 75 (to Jan-2018)

Online professional magazine (semi-professional until April 2007) available in both digital and subsequent print edition.

Issues & Index Sources:  Nov-2003 – present
Publishers:   Baen Books, New York
Editors:   Eric Flint to April 2007; Paul Goodlett, May 2007-

The Grape-Vine Telegram

Issues & Index Sources:  c. 1935 (FicMags: sample issue only)
Editors:   L.L. Richardson
Formats:   6" X 4.5"
Prices:   10c
Pagecounts:   16pp

The Graphic

Total Issues: 3266

Noted for its illustrations, it also published much serial fiction including Wilkie Collins, Anthony Trollope, Victor Hugo, Rider Haggard, Thomas Hardy ("The Mayor of Casterbridge" 1886 and "Tess of the D'Urbervilles" 1891), George Meredith, J.M. Barrie, H.G. Wells and John Buchan. Fiction dwindled in later years though Graham Greene was a young contributor.

Issues & Index Sources

  4-Dec-1869 – 21-Apr-1932: Indexes to Fiction: The Illustrated London News and the Graphic (fiction to 1901 only)
  18-Apr-1932 – 14-Jul-1932, as National Graphic

#merges with The Sphere


  1869 – 1893: E.J. Mansfield
  1894 – 1903: G.R. Parker
  1903 – 1932: The Graphic


  1869 – 1870: H. Sutherland Edwards
  1870 – 1891: Arthur Locker
  1891 – 1906: Thomas Heath Joyce
  1906 – 1909: W. Comyns Beaumont
  1909 – 1924: J.M. Bulloch
  1924 – 1926: Frank Le Couteur
  1926 – 1932: Alan J. Bott


  initially tabloid


  1869 – 1917: 6d
  1917 – 1920: 9d
  1920 – 1932: 1/-





Sources:   The Age of the Storytellers

Graphic Classics

A series of books presenting great fiction in comics and illustration for contemporary readers ages 12 to adult.

Issues & Index Sources:  #1, 1999 – present: FictionMags Index (sample issues only)
Formats:   quarto
Prices:   $10.00
Pagecounts:   144pp
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Grave Tales

Total Issues: 7

Issues & Index Sources:  #1, 1999 – #7, 2013: Science Fiction Index
Publishers:   Cemetery Dance Publications
Editors:   Richard Chizmar
Formats:   quarto
Issue Checklist

Graveyard Rendezvous

Total Issues: 41

Guy N. Smith fanzine.

Issues & Index Sources:  1999 – Summer 2012
Publishers:   Black Hill Books, The Wain House, Black Hill, Clunton, Craven Arms, Shropshire SY7 0JD

The Gray Goose

Total Issues: 132?

A magazine of original short stories, in emulation of The Black Cat.

Issues & Index Sources

  1896 – Jun-1909: FictionMags Index (sample issues only)


  1896 – 1908: James Knapp Reeve, Cincinnati
  1908 – 1909: The Outing Press, New York


  standard format, quality paper


  initially 5c



Gray's Monthly Magazine of Popular Music & Short Stories

Issues & Index Sources:  c. 1898
Publishers:   W.B. Gray & Co., New York
Pagecounts:   32pp

Great Adventures

Total Issues: 1?

Subtitled "True Stories of Endurance".

Issues & Index Sources:  c. 1933
Publishers:   World's Work

The Great American Novel Magazine

Total Issues: 3

Issues & Index Sources:  Apr-1929 – Jun-1929: FictionMags Index
Publishers:   American Novel Magazine Publishing Corporation, Inc. (MacFadden), Wshington and South Aves., Dunellen, NJ
Formats:   bedsheet pulp
Prices:   25c
Pagecounts:   96pp
Frequency:   monthly

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