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The Friendly Visitor

Started in Kirkby Lonsdale by the Rev. William Carus Wilson in 1819/20. It seems to have run under various guises and was, for a period (1854-62) retitled CHRISTIAN SERVICE. Its final series, as FRIENDLY VISITOR began in 1913. It is described in the back of THE FAMILY FRIEND as "religious reading for the million" and containing "attractive papers on all phases of religious life and work, as well as bright healthy fiction by favourite writers".

Issues & Index Sources:  1819? – ?
Prices:   1d (in 1904)
Frequency:   monthly

Friend of Youth and Child's Magazine

Issues & Index Sources:  1852 – 1865
Frequency:   monthly


Issues & Index Sources:  Dec-1927 – ?
Publishers:   Campbell
Formats:   tabloid
Pagecounts:   20pp
Frequency:   monthly

Fright Depot

Total Issues: 1?

Issues & Index Sources:  Spring 1988: Science Fiction Index
Editors:   Ronald C. Morgan, II
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Total Issues: 3

Spin-off from Fear, containing selected short stories from famous and unknown authors. First issue withdrawn from sale because of controversial Graham Masterton story.

Issues & Index Sources:  Jul-1991 – Sep-1991: Science Fiction Index
Publishers:   Newsfield
Editors:   John Gilbert
Formats:   large format
Prices:   £1.50
Pagecounts:   50pp
Frequency:   monthly
Related Sites:   Bear Alley
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Total Issues: 6

Issues & Index Sources:  #1, 1997 – #6, 1999: Science Fiction Index (Missing: #2)
Publishers:   Orinda Press, Orinda, CA
Editors:   Josh Bingham
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The Frisco-Man

Employee magazine for the St. Louis-San Francisco Railway which published some fiction. Also variously known as Frisco System Magazine, The Frisco Employes' Magazine and All Aboard.

Issues & Index Sources:  1902 – 1978: FictionMags Index (sample issue only)
Publishers:   St. Louis-San Francisco Railway
Editors:   U.A. Jestes (in 1920)


Total Issues: 1?

Issues & Index Sources:  in 1950s
Publishers:   Paget Publications, 106 Glenthorne Road, Hammersmith, London

Frisky Bedtime Stories

Total Issues: 1

Issues & Index Sources:  c. 1952
Publishers:   Paget Publications, 106 Glenthorne Road, Hammersmith, London


Total Issues: 24?

Issues & Index Sources:  1996 – 2001?: Science Fiction Index (sample issues only)
Publishers:   Skull Job Productions, Wilmington, North Carolina
Editors:   Scott H. Urban
Related Sites:   ZineWiki
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Issues & Index Sources:  c. 1951
Publishers:   Burmont Books Ltd.


Total Issues: 1?

Issues & Index Sources:  c. 1951: FictionMags Index
Publishers:   Hadley Publications, London
Pagecounts:   36pp


Total Issues: 2?

Issues & Index Sources:  in 1950s
Publishers:   Paget Publications, 106 Glenthorne Road, Hammersmith, London

The Frogmore Papers

Total Issues: 89 (to Spring 2017)

A quarterly journal of new writing. Poems, stories and novel extracts.

Issues & Index Sources:  1983 – present
Publishers:   The Frogmore Press, 42 Morehall Avenue, Folkestone, Kent CT19 4EF
Editors:   Jeremy Page
Prices:   £3.50 (in 2001)
Frequency:   quarterly

Frolic: A Magazine for Children

Issues & Index Sources:  in 1940s


see under Real Story Book (Frolics)

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