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Ecstasy Bedtime Stories

Total Issues: 1

Issues & Index Sources:  c. 1950
Publishers:   Paget Publications, 106 Glenthorne Road, Hammersmith, London

Eden Series

Total Issues: 173

"The books contained in this line are of such a character as to command instant attention from the reading public. It is, normally, a series comprising works of love fiction, by the most famous and popular authors the world has ever known. Among these are the stories by Mrs. E.D.E.N. Southworth, who was one of the most prolific and entertaining writers America has ever produced. This series now contains more of her works than any line published, and will eventually contain all the stories both copyrighted and not, ever, written by her. Among the other authors represented are: Mrs. Mary J. Holmes, Louisa Parr, The Duchess, Miss M.E. Braddon, and scores of others whose well-known and interesting stories are most delightful to those who love good reading."

Issues & Index Sources:  5-Jan-1901 – Jun-1906: Dime Novel Bibliography
Publishers:   Street & Smith, 238 William St., New York
Formats:   7 1/8 x 5"
Prices:   10c
Pagecounts:   300 to 350
Frequency:   weekly, bi-weekly and later issued monthly
Sources:   Dime Novel Bibliography

Edgar Rice Burroughs

Total Issues: 1

One-off companion to Science Fiction Monthly devoted to the work of Edgar Rice Burroughs.

Issues & Index Sources:  Sep-1975:
Publishers:   New English Library
Editors:   Penny Grant
Formats:   large format
Prices:   35p
Pagecounts:   28p

Edgar Wallace Mystery Magazine

Total Issues: 35+2?=37?

The US reprint edition also carried some original material.

Issues & Index Sources

  Aug-1964 – Jun-1967: Crime Fiction Index
  1969? – 1970?: Crime Fiction Index


  Aug-1964 – Nov-1964: Micron Publications, Micron House, Gorringe Park Avenue, Mitcham
  Dec-1964 – Jun-1967: Edgar Wallace Magazines Ltd., 4 Bradmore Road, Oxford
  1969? – 1970?: Edgar Wallace Magazines Ltd., 50 Alexandra Road, London SW19


  Aug-1964 – Nov-1964: Keith Chapman
  Dec-1964 – Jun-1967: Nigel Morland
  1969? – 1970?: Leonard Holdsworth, Kurt M^u"ller & James Hughes


  small digest


  Aug-1964 – Nov-1964: 2/6d
  Dec-1964 – Jun-1967: 3/-
  1969? – 1970?: 3/6d


  128pp rising to 144pp
  1969? – 1970?: 112pp



Sources:   Mystery, Detective, and Espionage Magazines
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Edgar Wallace Mystery Magazine (US)

Total Issues: 1

Despite the title, this had no connection to the British magazine of the same name and carried a mix of reprints from other US magazines and some original material.

Issues & Index Sources:  Mar-1966: Crime Fiction Index
Publishers:   Classic Mystery Publications, NY
Editors:   Roger Elwood
Formats:   digest
Prices:   50c
Frequency:   planned as monthly
Sources:   Mystery, Detective, and Espionage Magazines
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Edge [1973]

Literary journal that published a single SF-oriented issue.

Issues & Index Sources:  in 1970s: FictionMags Index (sample issue only)
Publishers:   The Edge Press; Christchurch, NZ.

Edge [1975]

The Stanford Magazine of Science Fiction and Fantasy. It was published once a quarter by Stanford students, and contained only student work.

Issues & Index Sources:  1975 – Fall/Winter 1980?: FictionMags Index (sample issue only)
Publishers:   Stanford University, Stanford, CA

The Edge [1989]

Total Issues: 11

Saw two issues as a fanzine in Aug-1989 and Mar-1990 before being relaunched as an alternative sf magazine. It was relaunched again, after 7 issues, with a new #1 in Fall 1998 as a magazine of alternative fiction.

Issues & Index Sources

  Aug-1989 – Mar-1990: Science Fiction Index
  Nov-1995 – Oct-1999: Science Fiction Index


  65 Guiness Buildings, Fulham Palace Road, London W6 8BD


  Graham Evans


  large format






  roughly twice yearly

Related Sites

  Science Fiction Encyclopedia

Email Address:
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Edge Detector

Total Issues: 3


Issues & Index Sources:  Summer 1988 – Summer 1991: Science Fiction Index
Related Sites:   Science Fiction Encyclopedia
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Edge of Twilight

Total Issues: 1?

True-life and fiction ghost stories, as well as poetry and art.

Issues & Index Sources:  Fall/Winter 2007
Formats:   paperback
Pagecounts:   50pp

The Edge, Tales of Suspense

Total Issues: 20

A digest-sized magazine of suspense, horror, and crime fiction, as well as dark erotic poetry.

Issues & Index Sources:  #1, 1998 – #20, 2004: Science Fiction Index
Publishers:   Thievin' Kitty Publications, P.O. Box 341, Marion, MA 02738
Editors:   Greg F. Gifune
Formats:   octavo
Prices:   $5.00
Pagecounts:   88
Frequency:   irregular
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The Edinburgh Magazine and Literary Miscellany

Total Issues: 107

Really a continuation of The Scots Magazine. Ran fiction amongst a miscellany of religious, political and literary commentary. Perhaps best known because of its prediction in 1824 for the application of electricity for transmitting messages.

Issues & Index Sources:  Aug-1817 – Jun-1826
Formats:   small standard (octavo)
Frequency:   monthly
Sources:   British Literary Magazines Vol. 2

Edinburgh Monthly Magazine

see under Blackwood's (Edinburgh) Magazine

The Edinburgh Review [1802]

A heavyweight review of considerable "literary" importance, though it may not have published any fiction

Issues & Index Sources:  1802 – 1929: Index to Periodical Literature (Poole to 1906 only; Well1 to 1900 only)
The Wellesley Index to Victorian Periodicals Volume 1
Publishers:   Constable
Editors:   1802 - 1829 Francis Jeffrey (principal editor)
Frequency:   quarterly
Sources:   British Literary Magazines Vol. 2

Edinburgh Review [1969]

Total Issues: 141 (as at Mar-2018)

Fiction, poetry, reviews, articles mostly on Scottish matters; circulation about 1,500.

Issues & Index Sources:  1969 – present: FictionMags Index (sample issues only)
Publishers:   Polygon Books
Editors:   Peter Kravitz; Gavin Wallace
Formats:   large digest
Prices:   £2.95
Pagecounts:   152pp
Frequency:   now an annual

Ed McBain's 87th Precinct Mystery Magazine

Total Issues: 4

Series began with issue #4 - there were no previous issues. Possibly intended as a continuation of Ed McBain's Mystery Book. The first issue was erroneously entitled Ed McBaines 87th Precinct Mystery Magazine.

Issues & Index Sources:  Apr-1975 – Aug-1975: Crime Fiction Index
Publishers:   Leonard J. Ackerman Productions, Hollywood
Editors:   John H. Burrows
Formats:   digest
Prices:   95c
Pagecounts:   128pp
Frequency:   monthly (but no July issue)
Sources:   Mystery, Detective, and Espionage Magazines
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Ed McBain's Mystery Book

Total Issues: 3

Issues & Index Sources:  #1, 1960 – #3, 1961: Crime Fiction Index
Publishers:   Pocket Books, NY
Editors:   Robert Goodney
Formats:   digest
Prices:   35c
Pagecounts:   128pp
Frequency:   supposedly bimonthly
Sources:   Mystery, Detective, and Espionage Magazines
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