Fu Manchu - the abridged

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The Mystery of Dr. Fu Manchu, Abridged and simplified by Ken Cripwell.  London: Collins ELT, 1988.  Cover by Danny Lim.  Interior illustrations by Mario Minichiello.  48 pages.

"A Collins Graded Reader"

"Collins English Library Level 3" (according to the title page, but "Level  2" according to the back cover). Level 2 is for readers with a 600-word vocabulary, Level 3 goes up to 1000 words.

"A library of graded readers for students of English as a second or foreign language, and for reluctant native readers."

"My name is Doctor Petrie.  I'm in my middle thirties and I live in south London.  I'm a doctor.  When I have free time, I also write stories."

Reissued as a title in the "Nelson Readers" series published by Thomas Nelson and Sons Ltd. 1992.

From the collection of Robert E. Briney

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From the collection of Robert E. Briney  

The Bride of Fu Manchu, Abridged by Stuart MacLachlan and based on the original work of Sax Rohmer.  Auckland, New Zealand: Heinemann Educational Books Ltd., 1974.

Heinemann Essar Series.  Illustrated by Kirk Heineman.  78 pages.

"This book is one of a selection of stories structured to suit readers who have a reading age of eight plus, but an interest age of over eleven years."

It was also issued in Malaysia and Singapore.

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