Sax Rohmer's Title in Malaysian
Updated June 30, 1999

1976 Kekasih Fu Manchu. [The Bride of Fu Manchu] Kuala Lumpur: Heinemann Educational Books (Asia) Ltd. (diringkaskan oleh Stuart MacLachlan). 88 pages. Illustrated. [Note: The National Library of  Maylasia (Perpustakaan Negara Malaysia) also lists a "1974" edition as by "Sex" Rohmer. It is likely that the date is inaccurate as is the name.]

NOTE: The books from Malaysia and Singapore are in the same language, but are separate editions. They are translations of the abridged and simplified version of The Bride of Fu Manchu which was published by Heinemann Educational Books Ltd. in New Zealand, 1974.

[Initial information supplied by Victor Berch.]

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