The Dream Detective

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Read Exploring the Etheric Borderland with Moris Klaw by John Norris

ND [1920]. London: Jarrolds. Illustrated by Dewar.
192? 2nd printing.
192? 3rd printing.
1924. 4th printing.
1926. later edition cr.8vo
"Case of the Chord in G" is not included in the British editions. 
1925. New York: Doubleday. 
Includes Episode 7, "Case of the Chord in G," was included.
1925 Ca.  New York: Burt.
1925 Ca. New York. McKinlay Stone & Mackenzie.

1966. New York: Pyramid Books.  R-1316.

Sleuth of the Sinister

Moris Klaw, the fantastic Dream Detective, is the most extraordinary sleuth of them all. Accompanied by his dark and beautiful daughter Isis, Moris Klaw's mysterious abilities lead him to clues and answers concerning occult occurences far beyond the ken of more ordinary minds. (Back cover)

"The Chord in G" is not included in this edition.

Cover: J. Lombardero

1977. New York: Dover. 
ISBN: 0-486-23504-1

"Unabridged republication of the work published by Jarrolds, Publishers, London, in 1926."

Cover design by Paul E. Kennedy

19?? Mattituck: Amereon House. 

Limited to only eighty copies. Quality black cloth stamped in gold, acid-free paper, issued  without dust jacket.

Serial Publication

The Methods of Moris Klaw    (10 parts)

The New Magazine

1. Case of the Tragedies in the Greek Room No. 49   April 1913
2. Case of the Potsherd of Anubis No. 50   May  1913
3. Case of the Crusader's Axe No. 51   June 1913
4. Case of the Ivory Statue No. 52   July  1913
5. Case of the Blue Rajah No. 53   August 1913
6. Case of the Whispering Poplars No. 54   Sept. 1913
7. Case of the Chord in G No. 55   Oct.  1913
8. Case of the Headless Mummies No. 56   Nov.1913
9. Case of the Haunting of Grange No. 57   Dec. 1913
10. Case of the Veil of Isis No. 58   January  1914

The Methods of Moris Klaw (4 parts)

All-Story Cavalier Weekly
1. The Tragedies in the Greek Room 13 Feb 1915
2. The Potsherd of Anubis 27 Feb 1915
3. The Ivory Statue 13 Mar 1915
4. The Blue Rajah 27 Mar 1915

            Cleveland Plain Dealer
Nine of the stories were published as "The Dream Detective" in the Fiction Magazine Section of the Cleveland Plain Dealer on Sunday February 21,1926 (pp. 2-11,14-20, tabloid-size pages, small print and illustrated). Labeled a "complete novel," it was divided into 9 individually titled episodes rather than into chapters.  The final book episode, "The Veil of Isis," is omitted.
1. In the Greek Room

From the collection of R. E. Briney
Cover and 4 illustrations by Kressy.

2. The Potsherd of Anubis
3. The Crusader's Ax
4. The Ivory Statue
5. The Blue Rajah
6. The Whispering Poplars
7. The Chord in G
8. The Headless Mummies
9. The Haunting of Grange

Lovecraft's Mystery Magazine

The Episode of the Headless Mummies:
A Moris Klaw Classic Occult Mystery
Volume 1, No. 1
The Episode of the Headless Mummies:
A Moris Klaw Classic Occult Mystery, Conclusion
Volume 1, No. 2


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