Sax Rohmer's American Reprint Editions

15 September 2002

The American Reprint Co./Rivercity Press Mattituck, New York  issued a number of Rohmer titles in limited editions. For an unknown reason, they used three different publishing names: American Reprint Company, Ćonian Press, and Amereon House.  There appears to be no logic in deciding which of the three imprints to use. 

The books  are  bound in a variety of cloth colors with all the titles in gold stamp on the spine. Many are also gold stamped on the front cover. They are uniform in size but each uses a different font and type size. There are also variations in the cloth and/or stamping of the same title. Where known, these variations are noted below. They were limited editions as noted in some titles. Some identify the date of printing; others do not. Some indicate the number of copies produced; others do not.

A number of the titles include the following statement:  

To the Reader
It is our pleasure to keep available uncommon titles and to this end, at the time of publication, we have used the best available sources. To aid catalogers and collectors, this title is printed in an edition of [. . .] copies. It has been manufactured in the United States to American Library Association standards on permanent, durable, acid-free paper.  


Please send us the title, imprint, number of copies, date, and color of any additional titles.

The Bride of Fu Manchu. American Imprint. no date. ISBN: 0-89190-801-3.

Both Flat Red cloth stamped on spine only and Texured Red cloth gold stamped on spine and front cover.

The Daughter of Fu Manchu. Amereon Imprint. 1998. ISBN: 0-84882-112-2.

The Day the World Ended. Aeonian Imprint.  1976. ISBN: 0-89190-804-8.

200 copies. Red cloth.

The Dream Detective. Amereon Imprint.  no date.   ISBN: 0-89190-810-2.

(Reprint of the Jarrolds 1926 edition.) 80 copies. Black cloth.

The Drums of Fu Manchu. Amereon Imprint.  no date. ISBN: 0-84880-619-0.

80 copies. Both Brown cloth and Red cloth.

The Emperor of America. Aeonian Imprint. 1977.  ISBN:0-89190-805-6.

300 copies. Dark green cloth.

The Golden Scorpion. American Imprint.  1984. ISBN: 0-89190-806-4.

300 copies. Light green Cloth.

The Hand of Fu Manchu. American Imprint.  1984.   ISBN: 0-89190-802-1.

(Reprint of the McBride 1917 edition.) 300 copies. Blue cloth.

Hangover House. Amereon Imprint. 1988. ISBN: 0-89190-807-2.

The Mask of Fu Manchu. American Imprint. 1976.  ISBN: 0-89190-803-X.

Grey cloth. This edition includes a reprint of endnote 1 from page 304 of  Master of Villainy. It is a list of all Fu Manchu Stories and  includes the observation that only one of the three Fu Manchu short stories had appeared in a book ("The Eyes of Fu Manchu" in The Secret of Holm Peel.) This was true in 1972 when Master of Villainy was published, but the other two stories were included in The Wrath of Fu Manchu, published in 1973.

The Return of Dr. Fu Manchu. ISBN: 0-89190-828-5.

The Romance of Sorcery. Amereon Imprint.  no date.  ISBN: 0-89190-808-0.

80 copies. Dark blue cloth.

Tales of Secret Egypt. American Imprint. no date.  ISBN: 0-89190-809-9.

300 copies. Two different blue cloth are known to have been used, one textured.

The Trail of Fu Manchu. American Imprint. 1977. ISBN: 0-8488-0317-5

. 250 copies. Textured light brown cloth.

Yellow Claw.  ISBN: 0-89190-801-3.

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