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The following is a list of all the magazines for which illustrated checklists have been created but which do not fit into any of the formal categories that form part of the Fictionmags Index Family.

Blood 'n' Thunder (fnz) Every Week (1915) McSweeney's Secret Service
Boys'/Scouts' Life (US) The Fantastic Collector Modern Wonder(s)/World The Smart Set
Collier's The Fantasy Collector The New Yorker The Sun
Cosmic Tales (1930s fnz) Fantasy Mongers (1980s fnz) The Open Road for Boys ThrillerUK
Cosmopolitan Heavy Metal Pearson's Magazine (US) (New) Tip Top Weekly
Eclecticism E-zine John Bull The Pulp Collector Weird Heroes
Epic Illustrated Liberty Pulpdom Whistling Shade
Esquire Maclean's The Saturday Evening Post