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An alphabetic index to the magazines in Visco is not quite as straightforward as you might imagine.

The Index

Perhaps you are beginning to see the problem. What I have done in the following index is this:

So, although there are about 400 entries in the index, there are only 330-odd distinct editions.
I hope that's clear...

To Locate a Magazine

In summary, to locate a particular issue of a magazine, here's what you do:

  1. Click on the first letter of the magazine title in the left hand navigation bar
  2. That will take you to the section of the index in which your magazine is located; look up the full title in the index. There may be more than one entry - look up "Science Fiction Monthly", for example
  3. If you are using a variant title, the index will tell you and will redirect you to the main title in use for that magazine
  4. Click on the link in the title code column (or in the notes, if it is a variant title); you will be taken to the introductory page for the title which has a short description of the magazine
  5. The navigation bar will now point you to the thumbnail index for that magazine. The exact form this takes depends on the length of the magazine's run. If there were only a few issues, the thumbnails will be included on the introduction page. For longer runs, there will be one or more separate thumbnail pages and the navigation bar will show an index by date or issue number.
  6. Click on the thumbnail for the issue you are interested in and you will get a larger image.

The Images

For practical reasons of download time and storage space, and for other reasons which I have explained elsewhere, the images are limited in size to a height of 500 pixels. On most screens, this should be good enough to read all the main text as well as enjoy the artwork. They come from a variety of sources, of which the most prolific has been the eBay auction site, though many have been scanned from my own collection.

A word of warning about the quality of the images. The originals from which those you see here have been derived vary very widely in quality. Apart from obvious factors such as size, lighting and so on, you can expect a wide range of variation in colour and contrast depending on how they were made and subsequently processed. Even when I have scanned the images myself from magazines in fine condition, it is extraordinarily difficult to get the scan to look exactly like the original magazine. For many of the images here, I have no idea of their history. The original magazine may have been dirty or sun-faded, the scanner or camera badly set-up or there may have been ham-fisted adjustments made later to brighten the images up.

Wherever possible, I have looked for more than one image to get a comparison and have sometimes made adjustments myself, using white or flesh-toned areas of the image as benchmarks. Nevertheless, you need to remember that what you see here may not be exactly the same as any individual copy of the magazine you may see, still less like a new copy fresh off the news-stand in 1936.

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