Author Biographies in Edward J. O'Brien's

Volumes indexed:

1915, 1916, 1940: none.
1917-1939, 1941-1952, 1969, 1978, 1978, 1981, 1983-1989, 1996, 2001, 2002: indexed.
other volumes: not seen.

. . [19xx] . .indicates author biography is in The Best Short Stories of 19xx.

Biographical notices in O'Brien's The Best British Short Stories (ran 1922-1940):

1922-1925: none.
1926-1929: indexed.
1930-1940: none.

(Entries marked UK)

"A Biographical Dictionary of Poets in the United States (First Series)"

There is a 43 page section (separately paginated) at the end of the Anthology of Magazine Verse for 1926 And YearBook of American Poetry: (Sesqui-Centennial Edition), edited by William Stanley Braithwaite (Boston: B. J. Brimmer, 1926). In the "Introduction" to the volume, Braithwaite mentions that the "next edition of the BIOGRAPHICAL DICTIONARY will be in the 1928 volume". It was not; and the series as edited by Braithwaite ended with the volume for 1929. This Biographical dictionary is the only one published in the entire series, which covered the years 1913 through 1929. These entries were apparently based on a questionnaire, and they usually supply a good amount of biographical information. [DA]

(Entries marked AMV)

Data compiled by William G. Contento and Douglas A. Anderson.