The Standard Index of Short Stories, 1900-1933

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This edition of the index is a combination of two works by Francis J. Hannigan: The Standard Index of Short Stories, 1900-1914, Boston, Small, Maynard & Company 1918, and the unpublished second edition, The Standard Index of Short Stories, 1915-1933. Information on many magazine issues omitted from the index has been provided by Denny Lien, University of Minnesota Libraries.

The first volume and its unpublished second volume are available online. The simplest way to get links for all is to go to the texts section of Internet Archive [] and type "hannigan short stories" in the search box.


The Standard Index of Short Stories 1900-1914, published in 1918, was the result of the cumulation on cards of thousands of titles of short stories by many authors that had appeared in various magazines, but in many instances were not reprinted in book form. Although the short story is the most characteristic and popular form of American literature, it is a curious fact that the overwhelming majority of short stories, including many of the best that are published each year, are not reprinted afterwards. It is also true that many of the short stories that have appeared in magazines are not well written and have no worth, but the insistent demand for a particular story proved to me that whether a story was well written or not, it should be included in the index. This applies also to the author of one short story as well as to the author of many short stories.

The present cumulation is an index, by author and title, under one alphabet, of the short stories published in two hundred and seventy magazines from January, 1915, to December, 1933, inclusive, and contains more than 75,000 entries, comprising the work of more than 9,000 authors.

The annual volumes of the Best Short Stories, published yearly by Mr, Edward J, O'Brien, include an index of short stories listed under the author's name, and all of the stories listed in the index of the Best Short Stories volumes have been included in the Standard Index of Short Stories by author and title.

Francis J. Hannigan,
Boston Public Library,
November, 1935.

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