Fu Manchu - The Sculptures

   This figurine was created by an English illustrator, J. Cassin-Scott. It was commissioned by Luther Norris (Culver City, California) in the late '60's and sold for $15.00. It was latex, hand painted and 8" tall. The photograph is from issue 5 of the Rohmer Review. He also did a figurine of Moris Klaw and a second, "correct," Fu Manchu without the moustache. There is no mention of the moustache in anything written by Rohmer. It seems to be a cinematic addition which was embraced by the illustrators and the public.


Boris Karloff as Fu Manchu  

This model of Boris Karloff as Fu Manchu (1932) is made of resin. It was sculpted by Randy Lambert and produced by  Dimensional Designs. It sells for a List Price of $150.00.

If you are interested, contact:

Dimensional Design
Dept. GITG
1845 Stockton Street
San Francisco, CA 94133-2908 USA
Phone: (415) 788-0138
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