Fu Manchu--The Melodrama

Updated: 1 March 2005

Three Acts -- Shanghai, 1922

6 January through 19 February 2005
(Previously performed in 1988 and 1994)

The Pocket Sandwich Theater
5400 E. MOCKINGBIRD, #119
DALLAS, TX 75206

Self-described as a "popcorn-tossing comedy-spoof"

Directed By Andy Long
Stage Managers William Otstott and Dustin Hodges
Set Design/Technical Direction Rodney Dobbs
Lighting Design Joyous Israel
Lighting Assistant Daniel Kurokawa
Costume Design Jane Goodman
Spiders Dennis Millegan
Prop Master Vicki Booker
Lighting Director Phil White
Musical Director/Pianist Elliot Figg
Elixir Vitae and Egg Rolls Virgil Optic

Trista Wyly, Daniel States and Michael Javier
as Fah Lo, Nayland Smith and Fu Manchu
Used with permission

Matt Doden
Dustin Hodges
Michael Javier
Maura Murphy
William Otstott
Somer Pyron
Dan States
Mark Stoddard
Sally Stoddard
Daniel Tuttel
John Wiltshire
Trista Wyly

Trista Wyly and Michael Javier
as Fah Lo  and Fu Manchu
Used with permission
A Mellow Drama
6 January 2005

Like other productions at Pocket Sandwich Theatre, Fu Manchu: The Melodrama is a venture in daffy improbability. The producers explain Fu Manchu thusly: "Brilliant English detective Nayland Smith matches wits with the mad Oriental genius and villain Fu Manchu, who is bent on world conquest." Translation: There will be many opportunities to throw popcorn at the actors performing Fu Manchu, popcorn-tossing being the preferred sign of approval at Pocket Sandwich.  --Claiborne Smith

From the Dallas Report 2005 New Times All rights reserved.

Reported by Joe R. Christopher, Texas

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