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Updated 8/4/98

Note: This is a list of original story titles by Sax Rohmer that were changed before publication. All of the stories listed were published, but not under the original titles. Unused original titles are in the left-hand column and the corresponding published titles are in the right-hand column. In the left-hand column a designation such as ( ** 1944/45) means that the story was first offered in Great Britain by Rohmer's agents, A. P. Watt & Sons, in the indicated year(s) but did not sell at that time. Usually the U.S. sale was by Rohmer himself. In most cases, it is not known whether Rohmer chose a published title or it was assigned by an editor.

Rohmer's Original Title The Title as Published
Aladdin's Lamp (** 1952/53) The Mystery of the Fabulous Lamp
Calling Miss Halloran (** 1955) The Fugitive Celebrity
Convict on the Moor (** 1958) Deadly Blonde of Dartmoor
Escape to Peril
Flight to Danger
Death of an Actress (** 1944/45) The Mysterious Harem
The Flight of a Kite (** 1944/45) The Stolen Peach Stone
Green for Danger (** 1950) Crime Takes a Cruise
The Green Turban The Mystic Turban
Hell Hath No Fury (** 1945)
(aka I Saw the Dawn)
Death Is My Hostess
Jamaica Nocturne Seventeen Lotus Blossoms
A Kiss for Fleurette The Picture of Innocence
Libyan Lullaby (** 1945) Adventure in the Libyan Desert
Little Lavender Lady Exit the Princess
Lost Illusion The Mystery of the Vanishing Treasure
The Luck of the Malmseys (** 1955) The Case of the Missing Heirloom
The Malmsey Jewel
Men Born to Hang (** 1950/51) One Brother Was Evil
The Murder at Deep Copley The Red Doctor
The Phantom Ape Death in the King's Room
The Pillars of Petronius (** 1945) The Secret of the Ruins
The Porter of Istanbul (** 1944/45) The Oversized Trunk
A Pot of Azaleas Flee from Danger
The Rose of the Lebanon (** 1942) Pool-o'-the-Moon Sees Bimbāshi Barūk
The Rubber-Faced Man
(aka The Scarlet Mask)
The Night of the Jackal
The Scorpion of Kashan (** 1942) The Warning from Rose of the Desert
Secret of the Flying Saucer
(** 1958/59)
Fu Manchu and the Frightened Redhead
The Mind of Fu Manchu
That Black Cat The Cat
White Jackdaws Are Rare The Elusive Jackdaw
Woman with a Heart in Her Hands
(** 1941)
A Heart in Her Hands
Mystery Strikes at Ragstaff Hill

Most of the above information comes from the records of Rohmer's British agents, A. P. Watt & Sons, with some additional entries from correspondence with Cay Van Ash.  Some of the entries were also sent by Jerold Rauth.

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