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Updated: 10 January 2011

A Thumbnail Comparison to the Classics


Max von Sydow as Ming; Michael McQuary and Boris Karloff as Fu Manchu

"For more than two decades, Michael McQuary has been acclaimed as the premiere impersonator of the legends of Hollywood. Reviewers have described Mr. McQuary's unique artistry as 'a pantheon of Hollywood' and have dubbed him 'The New Man of a Thousand Faces.'"

Photography by Sebastian Piras showing Fu Manchu correctly
with no facial hair.


BEGINNING MONDAY, NOVEMBER 9th, 2009 at 9PM and WITH A NEW CHAPTER every Monday night, ending on Monday, January 4th!

FU MANCHU'S WEAPON OF EVIL- the weekly webisodes, Starring Michael McQuary as Fu Manchu, James Sexton as Nayland Smith, Stephanie Layton as Vesper, and Eric Michael Espiritu as Ching.

Sax Rohmer's classic arch-villain returns!  New York, 1935: When Fu Manchu learns of Professor Wembley's Atomic Beam Generator, he sends henchman Ching, and the beautiful and deadly Vesper to acquire the components.  As they leave a trail of dead bodies in their wake, it's up to Fu's arch-rival, Scotland Yard's Nayland Smith and his associate Doctor Petrie, to stop Fu before he can hold the world ransom and achieve world domination!

Produced and Directed by Marc Briatack, written by James Sexton, and also starring Jon Michael Johnson as Wembley, Bob Gutowksi as Petrie and also starring Callie Burk, Jaques Mitchell, Richard Dama, Tim Mele, LeNair Xavier Taprovo, and Dru Grossberg.

See it at www.youtube.com/DYNAMARCFilms and www.dynamarcfilms.blogspot.com starting November 9th, 2009. A DYNAMARC Films Production.


 Fu Manchu: Michael McQuary   
Marco Salamone

   Photo Art: Marc Briatack

The Secret Power of Fu Manchu

The Secret Power of Fu-Manchu was Michael McQuary's first portrayal of the Devil Doctor. It was a musical presented at the Cooper Square Theatre in 1990. It was set in Manchu's House of  The Orient, and iIt featured original songs and a big floor show number. Fu-Manchu had a tarantella, tango solo with the Jay Arthur Rank Gong Boy. It was described as "a little on the camp side--but very intense."










Drawing by Michael McQuary

It matters not how well explored a great sprawling Metropolis is~every turn of the corner may bring a new surprise, a new danger. Now...You've stumbled upon the threshold, east of Shanghia....left of time lost where treachery, terror, romance and unspeakable feasts of disguise, magic, are witnessed, not to be believed, by the police.

We hear deafening laughter, of an ancient tale of a yellow dragon who will eat you, like a cat swallows a mouse. With songs, tricks, transformations, draining the youth and beauty, of innocent young couples, to sustain this demon's lust for power, and knowledge, of the world's most guarded secrets....... It's Fu~Manchu. Are Nick and Nora Charles to break the secret  puzzle box of Manchu's magic? They discover that only true love will break his spell and trick him when he attempts to drug them.

To use their power to cause the ancient Foo Dogs of protection to confront him and his evil reign ...and fall on him. Our heroes escape to other adventures, and ever lasting love. An old peddler comes from the far distant smoke....welcoming us in, to his house of ancient wonders!

Locks, chains, giant shutters, Shut us in! It is Fu~Manchu, laughing at us.....Never to let us go! All of us! ~The End .

Michael McQuary as Dr. Fu~Manchu

Fu Manchu and the Warrior Stone

Comic Book Art: www.dynamarcphoto.com

Comic Book Art: www.dynamarcphoto.com

Fu-Manchu is a Master of  Disguise as he hopes to triumph by stealing  the Warrior Stone from the London Museum. It is invaluable as it is said that it will give whoever possesses  it ultimate power! Fu-Manchu must have it.  The Warrior Stone is reported stolen and in its place, an ancient jade coin, from the Manchu dynasty.

Michael McQuary as  Dr. Fu~Manchu

Sometimes called the "New Man of a Thousand Faces,
Michael McQuary once again stars as Dr. Fu-Manchu.

Eric Espiritu, Robert Andreala, and Michael McQuary
Eric Espiritu,
Carrie Rosenberg
and Michael McQuary
 Chad Thomas,
Michael McQuary
and Eric Espiritu,
Eric Espiritu,
Robert Andreala,
and Michael McQuary

In crystal ball, the servant Kudar- Abdul Ghani
Dr. Nayland Smith - James Sexton
Dacoit -Eric Espiritu
Girl in Peril - Jennifer Shea

The Cruelty of Wu-Chenfu

In 2005, a five minute short film was made by Enrico Vattani, featuring Michael McQuary as Fu Manchu.

Mr. McQuary has granted us permission to post the comic book adaptation.
Click on each page to advance. Close the window when finished.
All photography and comic art by Enrico Vattani. 

Dr. Fu Manchu: The Lord of the Shadows

(Coming Soon . . . Details will be posted as they become available)

 Fu Manchu: Michael McQuary   
Victim: Jon Michael Johnson
Photo Art by Marc Briatack

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