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Sites truly relevant to Sax Rohmer and Fu Manchu are included throughout the Fu Manchu pages. These are other pages related to Sax Rohmer and other related sites.

I make no attempt to list all Mystery pages, but rather list what I believe are the most comprehensive or unique. In many cases they provide comprehensive lists of links. Joe Lofgreen even reviews them for you.

Sax Rohmer

On Bookfinger, A Neglected 1970s Speciality Publisher  of Macabre & Supernatural Mysteries with special references to Sax Rohmer, creator of Fu Manchu by Jessica Amanda Salmonson

Alan Johns' site He scanned The Bat Flies Low and Dope.

Sax Rohmer Bibliography -- Anthony Kapolka's site at Wilkes College

A Sax Rohmer web page in Finland

Good Mystery Sites

The History of the Mystery -- This site tracks the evolution of the mystery from Edgar Allan Poe to the present. The site features in-depth coverage of each era and genre, photos, and links to other websites. Full-length classic mysteries, such as Poe's "The Murders in the Rue Morgue" and "Sherlock Holmes Adventures," are also available.

The Pulps -- Tomi Vaisala's site dedicated to the pulps. Excellent graphics and extensive links.

Grobius Shortling's List of the 50 Best Mystery Novels -- No, Sax and Fu didn't make the list but Sax got an "honorable mention." Explore the rest of Grobius Shortling's Mystery Pages.

A Guide to Classic Mystery and Detection -- "designed and written by Michael E. Grost, a mystery fan who lives near Detroit, Michigan, USA."

The Mysterious Home Page -- A Guide to Mysteries and Crime Fiction on Internet -- The Mysterious Home Page is the work of Jan B. Steffensen from Aalborg, Denmark.

Kate Derie's ClueLass HomePage: A Mystery Lover's Notebook -- Her site includes The Black Widow's Web: a very good list of Mystery Sites on the Internet.

Joe'sDetective Pages -- Joe Lofgreen is "a writer from Santa Barbara, California." He has much of interest to mystery lovers, particularly his reviews of web sites related to mystery: Joe's Site Reviews.

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