The Games of Fu Manchu

There are three known games which used Fu Manchu as the name.

Fu Manchu Playing Cards. Boxed in red cardboard with a dragon motif.
US Playing Card Company, Cincinatti, Ohio, 1923.

From the collection of Lawrence Knapp

Fu Manchu
The National Game of China

Sold some time in the 1920s as "Fu Manchu: The National Game of China," the set consisted of the 144 traditional tiles, a small set of dice, and colored sticks for scoring. The tiles were stored in four trays which were stacked in a red box.

From the collection of Lawrence Knapp

"FU MANCHU'S HIDDEN HOARD" Boxed Game, Ideal Toy Corp, 1967.

A game with a 19x19" playing board that has a grid treasure map design. The game is played with 40 clue cards, an information pad, a single die, and eight miniature plastic standup figure cards. The box is 13x19x2" deep with large colorful lid art.

Object of the Game:

The sinister Fu Manchu is playing a wily game of deception! Somewhere on the large treasure map he has hidden his hoard of wealth -- but he has left 5 clues to its location. However, he has concealed the 5 true clues among many false clues. The player must first find the 5 true clues -- and then by following their directions on the large map, step by step, locate the Hidden Hoard.

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