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    The following information and cover scans were provided by Rimmer Sterk (Holland) and (for the 1943 Ekspeditionen series) by Bjarne Nielsen of Antiqvariat Pinkerton.

1930?  De Gule Skygger. Translator: E. Soya-Jensen. Kopenhagen: Hage and Clausens Forlag, n.d.

            Cover: "Sch"? 140 pages. Softcover.

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1931  Kejseren af Amerika. Translator: Inger Lange. Lopenkagen: Jespersen og Pios Forlag.
          192 pages.
1931 Omnibusbogen [omnibus].  Contains "Sin Faders Søn" 32 pp [His Father's Son = Kerry's Kid (?)] and "Den hvide Hat" 24 pp [The White Hat]. 700 pages. Kr. 4,50.

With the omnibus book in the house, no one will ever get bored --

"Gyldendals Omnibus book is based on the principle, that it should contain something for all people and all occations. The main concept is this -- In one single book -- you find reading for the whole holiday. Whether it is sunny or raining, you have several novels or short stories full of excitement"



Exciting, Alternatives, Cheap

[Translated by Rimmer Sterk]

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1943    The following series of eight books was published in 1943 by Ekspeditionen af Fu Manchu Serien in København (Copenhagen). The books were printed by Nutidstrykkeriet A/S. The spines are light green cloth, with two dark blue rectangles containing the title and author's name stamped in gold. Front and back covers are boards printed with a generic multicolor ink-blot pattern. Whether the books were issued with dust-jackets is not known. No translator is identified.

Fu Manchu's Mysterium   [The Mystery of Dr. Fu-Manchu]   245 pages
Doktor Fu Manchu   [The Devil Doctor]
Fu Manchu og Si-Fan   [The Si-Fan Mysteries]   248 pages
Fu Manchu's Brud   [Fu Manchu's Bride]   246 pages
Fu Manchu's Hævn   [The Trail of Fu Manchu]   247 pages
Præsident Fu Manchu   [President Fu Manchu]
Fu Manchu's Ø   [The Island of Fu Manchu]   247 pages
Den Gule Klo   [The Yellow Claw]   246 pages

Related Title

Nielsen, Bjarne.   FU MANCHU — en dokumentation.    Privately published in an edition of 221 copies, Christmas 1977.    8 pages, A5 size. Cover: Henry Lauritzen (a redrawn version of the Fu Manchu portrait from the back cover of The Rohmer Review #2).

Contents: a brief passage from Fu Manchu's Mysterium (the Danish translation of The Mystery of Dr. Fu-Manchu), a "cast of characters" listing the main continuing characters from the Fu Manchu series, a concise bibliography of U.S., British, and Danish first editions of the Fu Manchu series, a filmography, and brief addenda on TV and radio versions, August Derleth's "Old Doctor of Limehouse" clone, and brief mention of secondary material about Rohmer and Fu Manchu.

The classic description of Fu Manchu in Danish:

   "Forestil Dem en Mand, der er høj, mager, kattesmidig, bredskuldret, har en Pande som Shakespeare og et Ansigt som den onde selv, med glatbarberet Isse og lange, smalle, magnetiske, grønne Øjne. Iklæd ham den orientalske Races hele Snedighed, giv ham al den Kundskab, som Fortidens og Nutidens Videnskab raader over, giv ham en rig Regerings Pengemidler -- -- og saa har De et Fantasibillede af Dr. Fu Manchu, den gule Fare i een Person!"

--- from Fu Manchu's Mysterium, page 21  

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