Our Contributors
10 August 2006

The material presented throughout The Page of Fu Manchu was originally based primarily on two collections: my own and that of Associate Editor, R. E. Briney.  It also incorporated bibliographic information from Bradford Day's Bibliography of Adventure, Cay Van Ash and Elizabeth Sax Rohmer's Master of Villainy edited by R. E. Briney, and various issues of the Rohmer Review -- particularly the "Bibliographica Rohmeriana," edited by R. E. Briney. Significant bibliographic research was also provided by William MacPherson and Victor A. Berch. The site has continued to grow as a result of the many other contributors listed below  who have visited these pages and left a new piece of information, a new link or a scan of an item in their collection.

Thank you to all.  Additional information is always welcome.

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