FUMUNCHEWS -- the candy

Circa 1977 and found in a pub by Leslie Charteris,
the original was sent to W. O. G. Lofts and given to Robert E. Briney
who published a black and white reproduction in the Rohmer Review No. 17, August 1977.

Following the reproduction was the following from Evelyn A. Herzog of New York City:

Hard to believe, but next Spring (1977) candy counters will be offering a brand of edible Chinese checkers made of candy-coated gum, called "Fu-Man Chews" [actually "Fumunchews"]. At least, so says the enclosed Wall Street Journal article, and while the Journal might kid us, it wouldn't lie. Gad!

Robert E. Briney's editorial comment from the same issue follows:

The article in question, too long to reproduce here, is from the 16 September 1976 issue of the Wall Street Journal. It concerns 34-year-old Alan Silverstone, owner of U. S. Chewing Gum Manufacturing Co. "When starting a game of Chinese checkers with his children recently, he noticed that the marbles were missing. He suggested using small gum balls, and made up the rule that the winner could eat the loser's gum balls. That gave Mr. Silverstone the idea for a new product that he will pull out of the hat next spring: Fu Man Chews, edible Chinese checkers."

There are times when comment is better omitted.

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