Sax Rohmer's Bookfinger Titles

Before Bookfinger, even the serious Sax Rohmer fans and collectors had want lists with two digits. How exciting it was to read in The Rohmer Review No.6 (February 1971) that

"Readers who have had Sax Rohmer's occult novel THE ORCHARD OF TEARS on their want-lists will be pleased to learn that the first U.S. edition of this book has recently appeared. The publisher is TRR subscriber Joseph G. Amedeo, operating under his Bookfinger imprint. Mr. Amedeo is offering the book to fellow TRR subscribers at the special price of $4.50; the price asked by specialist dealers and search services will be considerably higher."

This was the third Rohmer title from Bookfinger with eleven more appearing  in the 70's. All are black cloth with gold lettering on the spine. Only the first, Sins Of Severac Bablon, has the title embossed on the front. They were issued without dust jackets.

Jessica Amanda Salmonson has posted her essay, "On Bookfinger, A Neglected 1970s Specialty Publisher of Macabre & Supernatural Mysteries with special references to Sax Rohmer, creator of Fu Manchu" and also provides a detailed bibliography of all the Bookfinger titles. Both are highly recommended. As an Antiquarian Book Dealer, she has a number of Rohmer titles for sale and is also willing to help locate special wants.

The fourteen Rohmer titles published by Bookfinger are listed below by their stated date of publication. The actual publication dates listed for some entries were found on   Jessica Amanda Salmonson's site. Her list also provides additional detail.

BOOKFING.JPG (20669 bytes)   1967.   Sins Of Severac Bablon.   (1932 2nd ed. London, Cassell)
  First American Edition.

  1968.   The Exploits Of Captain O'Hagan.  (1916 London 1st, Jarrolds )
  First American Edition.

  1969.  The Orchard Of Tears.  (1918 London 1st, Methuen) 
  First American Edition.

  1970.  Bimbashi Baruk Of Egypt.   (1944 McBride 1st)
  Actual publication date September, 1972.

  1971.  Salute To Bazarada and Other Stories. (1939 London 1st,
  Cassell)   Actual publication date  May 1972. First American Edition.

  1972.   Wulfheim.. (1950  London 1st, Jarrolds)  by "Michael Furey"
  First American  Edition.

  1972.  Seven Sins.  (1943 McBride American 1st)
  Actual publication date May 1973. 

  1976.  The Moon Is Red.  (1954 London 1st, Jenkins)
  First American Edition.

  1976, August.  Tales Of East And West: Thirteen Little Masterpieces
  of Death and Fear and Terror. (1933 Doubleday 1st)

  1977, June.  Sinister Madonna.  (1956 London 1st, Jenkins)
  First American Hardcover Edition.

  1977, November.  Sins Of Sumuru. 1950 London 1st, Jenkins)
  First American Hardcover Edition.

  1978, July.   Virgin In Flames.  (1953 London 1st, Jenkins)
  First American Hardcover Edition.

  1978, September.  Sand And Satin: A Sumuru Story.
  (1955 London 1st, Jenkins)  First American Hardcover Edition.

  1979. October The Slaves Of Sumuru. (1952 London 1st, Jenkins)
                              First American Hardcover Edition.

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