Sax Rohmer's Wingate and Star Editions

W. H. Allen & Co. Ltd. of London reprinted all twelve of the Fu Manchu books in 1977 and 1978. Wingate was their hardcover division and Star, their paperback. The paperbacks, issued simultaneously with the hardcovers, were priced at UK: 75p Australia: $2.65  Malta: 80c New Zealand $2.30.

They used the same cover art as the hardcover jackets but added a star logo.

Star.jpg (9370 bytes)   From the collection of Brian Henry Benneworth
   Star                        Wingate

From the collection of R. E. Briney 


The Mystery of Doctor Fu Manchu.
The Devil Doctor
The Si-Fan Mysteries
The Daughter of Fu Manchu
The Mask of Fu Manchu
The Bride of Fu Manchu




The Trail of Fu Manchu
President Fu Manchu
The Drums of Fu Manchu
The Island of Fu Manchu
The Shadow of Fu Manchu
Re-enter Fu Manchu
Emperor Fu Manchu

From the collection of Brian Henry Benneworth

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