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From the collection of Lawrence Knapp

March 10, 1926
Cover design: Edgar Franklin Wittmack

Edgar Franklin Wittmack did covers for a wide variety of magazines ranging from Weird Tales to The Saturday Evening Post. His "Yellow Shadows" dragon cover for Short Stories is particularly striking.

Hassan of Aleppo — The Quest of the Sacred Slipper
I.    The Phantom Scimitar November 1913
II.     The Fight for the Safe December 1913
III.     The Hand of a Thief January 1914

The Quest of the Sacred Slipper
IV.     The Enigma of the Yellow Dwarf February 1914
V.     The Light of El-Medîneh March 1914
VI.     A Disc of Light April 1914
VII.     The Pool of Death May 1914
VIII.     The Siege of "Uplands" June 1914

Brood of the Witch Queen
I.     The Ring of Thoth     (pp. 93-104; one illustration, unsigned) July 1914
II.     The Shadow-Shapes     (pp. 107-117) August 1914
III.     The Curse of the House of Dhoon     (pp. 138-147) September 1914
   The above three installments cover Chapters 1-10 of the book. The magazine version is slightly abridged, and Chapters VIII-X were rewritten to remove most of the overtly supernatural elements, which are explained here as due merely to Anthony Ferrara's hypnotic suggestions.
   The remainder of the book did not appear in a U.S. magazine until nine years later, when it appeared under the title It Came Out of Egypt in Munsey's Magazine, September - November 1923.

Bat Wing
I. vol. XCV, no. 2; whole no. 369    February 1921
II. vol. XCV, no. 3; whole no. 370    March 1921
III. vol. XCV, no. 4; whole no. 371    April 1921
IV. vol. XCV, no. 5; whole no. 372    May 1921
V. vol. XCV, no. 6; whole no. 373    June 1921

The Voice of Káli     (pp. 80-121; numerous drawings by R. Emmett Owen)

December 10, 1923

Gray Face      (abridged; 76 pages)

September 10, 1924

Yellow Shadows: A Mystery of Limehouse

(pp. 3-25; numerous drawings)                            vol. CXIV, no. 5; whole no. 486   

March 10, 1926

vol. CXIV, no. 6; whole no. 487   

March 25, 1926

vol. CXIV, no. 7; whole no. 488   

April 10, 1926

vol. CXIV, no. 8; whole no. 489   

April 25, 1926

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