Fu Manchu, the Legal Rights

Over the years the question of who owned the rights to Rohmer's books and, more importantly, the character of Fu Manchu has been the most frequent question. There is now a definitive answer. Al Longden has informed us of this recent development:

Effective immediately the estate of Sax Rohmer is represented by Albert T. Longden Associates, of Bloomfield, NJ for World English rights.  Additionally, the much anticipated memoir of Mr. Harry Alan Towers, Mr. Towers of London, a Life in Show Business is also being represented by the agency.  You might recall that Harry is a renowned Producer in London and Hollywood with all of the Fu Manchu and Sumuru movies to his credit, including the new Fu Manchu movie, The Children of Fu Manchu due out in 2009.

The agency is obviously excited at the prospect of a renewed interest in the Fu Manchu franchise and has experience considerable interest from publishers on both sides of the Atlantic.  They will also be emphasizing the considerable works of the author that are not related to the Fu Manchu series but have considerable worth for their timeless adventure, romance and mystery.  Indeed many are worthy of theatrical consideration.

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