Sax Rohmer in The Premier Magazine

From the collection of Lawrence Knapp

The first issue, May 1914

Detail of cover painting

"Two  hands were stretched out
over  my uncle  . . .  two  mystic
hands that swayed up and down
in the moonlight."

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Brood of the Witch-Queen
   1. The Ring of Thoth n 1 May 1914 *
   2. The Rustling Shadows n 2 June 1914
   3. The Curse of Dhoon n 3 July 1914
   4. The Mask of Set n 4 August 1914
   5. The Lair of Spiders n 5 September 1914
   6. The Bats of Meydm n 6 October 1914
   7. Flowering of the Lotus n 7 November 1914
   8. The Cord n 8 December 1914
   9. The Elemental n 9 January 1915

The Yellow Claw
   1. The Lady of the Civet Furs n 13 May 1915
   2. Cave of the Golden Dragon n 14 June 1915
   3. n 15 July 1915
   4. n 16 August 1915
   5. n 17 September 1915
Pomegranate Flower n 19 November 1915
In the Valley of the Sorceress n 21 January 1916
Lure of Souls n 23 March 1916
The Secret of Ismail n 41 September 1917
The Mysterious Ab Tabh
     Being the adventures of one Kernaby, a collector of curios for
     a Birmingham firm, in the Land of the Pharaohs, and of the
     influence upon his activities of the sinister Ab Tabh.

       [In this series of six stories, the series title was used on the first three stories,
     but omitted on the last three.   The subtitle was used on the first three stories,
     replaced by a caption for the illustration on "Omar of Ispahan," restored on
     " 'Breath of Allah' ", and replaced by a shorter reworded subtitle on
     "The Whispering Mummy."
         The six stories in the series were not individually numbered.
         Note that the quotation marks in "Breath of Allah" are part of the published
         All stories were illustrated by H. R. Millar.]
      The Yashmak of Pearls n 42 October 1917
      The Death Ring n 43 November 1917 *

From the collection of Lawrence Knapp

      The Lady of the Lattice n 44 December 1917 *
      Omar of Isphan
n 45 January 1918 *

[The illustration below was the full left page 32; the caption was placed below the title on page 33.]

From the collection of Lawrence Knapp

"I ran to the spot, arriving at the very moment that the central lattice was
thrown up, and a white-veiled figure appeared there and prepared to spring down.
"'Oh, help me, in the name of Allah!' cried the woman, in a voice shrill with fear.
'Quick--Catch me!'
"'Ere I could frame any reply, she clutched at the palm-tree and dropped down
  right into my extended arms, as a crashing of overturned furniture came from the    
  room above."
      "Breath of Allah" n 46 February 1918 *
      The Whispering Mummy n 47 March 1918 *
         Being a further adventure of 
         Kernaby Pasha  and the 
         mysterious Ab Tabh
The Curse of a Thousand Kisses n 55 November 1918.
The Man with the Shaven Skull March 12, 1920
The Green Eyes of Bst
    [serial - 9 biweekly parts]
March 26 to July 16, 1920

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