The Polish Titles of Sax Rohmer

21 November 2004

Egipska zarownica. [Brood of the Witch Queen]. Trans. Alfred Ostrowski.  Poland: Alfa, 1993. 287 pages. ISBN 8370017045.

"And now," said the doctor, "for our conclusions. Mirza, the Polish Jewess, who became Lady Lashmore in 1615, practised sorcery in life and became, after death, a ghoul one who sustained an unholy existence by unholy means a vampire."

"But, sir! Surely that is but a horrible superstition of the Middle Ages!"

"Rob, I could take you to a castle not ten miles from Cracow in Poland where there are certain relics, which would forever settle your doubts respecting the existence of vampires. Let us proceed. The son of Mirza, Paul Dhoon, inherited the dreadful proclivities of his mother, but his shadowy existence was cut short in the traditional, and effective, manner. Him we may neglect.

--Chapter 10 "The Laughter"

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