Sax Rohmer in Munsey's Magazine

27 March 2002

From the collection of Lawrence Knapp

The Golden Scorpion
    (Chaps. ?)
January 1919 Vol. LXVI No. 1
The Golden Scorpion
    (Chaps. ?)
February 1919 Vol. LXVI No. 2
The Golden Scorpion
    (Chaps. ?)
March 1919 Vol. LXVI No. 3
The Golden Scorpion 
   (Chaps. XXV-XXX)
April 1919 Vol. LXVI No. 4
The Golden Scorpion  
   (Chaps. XXXI-XXXVI)
May 1919 Vol. LXVI No. 5

The Mystery of the Shriveled Hand February 1922 Vol. LXIX No. 2

 Portions of Brood of the Witch Queen were printed as six mystery stories, 
two in each of three consequtive issues.
The cover proclaimed  "Egyptian Mysteries by Sax Rohmer."
Inside, the running title was "It Came Out of Egypt: A Series of Six Mysteries 
from the Land of the Nile."
First Mystery: The Mask of Set
Second Mystery: The Lair of the Spiders
September 1923  
   pp. 577-596
Vol. LXXIX No. 4 
Third Mystery: The Bats of Meydum
Fourth Mystery: The Flowering of the Lotus
October 1923  
   pp. 69-89
Vol. LXXIX No. 5 
Fifth Mystery: The Silken Cord
Sixth Mystery: The Book of Thoth
November 1923  
   pp. 277-296
Vol. LXXIX No. 6

The Treasure of Taia
November 17, 1925 ?

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