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Rahasia Dr. Fu Manchu. [=Secret Dr. Fu Manchu] Djakarta, Indonesia: Sunrise, sometime in the 1960s. "Adapted from one or more of Arthur Sarsfield Ward's stories."   ditjeritakan oleh [translated by] Hartono S. 46 pages,  17 cm.

Curiously both "Dr. Fu Manchu" and "Dr. Fu Man Chu" are used in the text.

The classic description is found on page 19 (with no mention of Shakespeare).

      "Tetapi Smith dapatkan kau kira2 menggambarkan bagaimana bentuk orang jang kau maksudkan tadi?"
     "Setjara pasti menang aku belum pernah tahu. Tapi untuk mudahnja sadja, gambarkan dia sebagai orang ang sangat lemah lembut, sopan santun, tetapi mempunjai hati jang keras dan kedjam. Djika kau nanti bertemu dengan dia, mungkin kau tidak akan menjangka bahwa sebenarnja jang sedang kita tjari, jang bernama Dr. Fu Man Chu.


"But Smith, can you give me an idea of what the person you are referring to looks like?"

"I don't actually know exactly. But for simplicity, picture him as a person who is very smooth and polite but has a hard and cruel heart. If you happen to meet him later, maybe you will not suspect that he is the one we are looking for, the one named Dr. Fu Man Chu."

-- Translated by Eddie Ridwan at Language Technologies


Fu Manchu dan Rahasia Sendjata Anti Peluru-Kendali  (Fu Manchu and the Secret Anti-Cannon(?) Weapon)   [Re-Enter Fu Manchu]   Translated by T. Kianan.

Serialized in LIBERTY, a weekly magazine published in Surabaja, Indonesia.
Started in No. 758, 16 March 1968.

Number of installments not known.  The two that have been examined (Part 7 and Part 8) cover only a few pages each of the British hardcover text.  If the other installments are of similar length, it would have taken around 30 weeks to complete the serialization.

Part 7: LIBERTY No. 764, 27 April 1968, pp. 15-16,22.  Covers pp. 46-54 of British hardcover of Re-Enter Dr. Fu Manchu.

Part 8: LIBERTY No. 765, 4 May 1968, one page.  Covers pp. 55-57 of the British hardcover.


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