Sax Rohmer's Icelandic Title

Updated: June 11, 1999

1911, 9 September through 2 October.  Morđiđ í Marshhole. [Murder in Marshhole = The Mystery of the Marsh Hole] published in Ţjóđviljinn [an Icelandic newspaper]. The byline was "A. Sarsfield Ward."

This is the earliest known translation of Sax Rohmer material. "The Mystery of the Marsh Hole" was the fourth story published by Sax Rohmer. It appeared in Pearson's Magazine,  April 1905 with the byline: "A. Sarsfield Ward." It was not reprinted in English until The Secret of Holm Peel collection was published in 1970.

It was printed in two columns which are out of order. The first page, for example, has the title page in the right column and page 12 on the left. The pages must be cut out and folded into an 8 cm by 10 cm 24 page booklet to restore the proper order.

1940 Sporđdrekinn: Sakamálasaga. [The Scorpion: A Thriller Story = The Golden Scorpion]. Reykjavík: Heimdallur.

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