The Greek Titles of Sax Rohmer

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The following books were all published by the Enossis Publishing Company in New York in 1920. (All were copyrighted March 1, 1920.) They are large paperbound volumes (23 cm. tall) bound in brown wrappers.

All volumes were part of the series "National Herald Library of the Mysterious and Strange".

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Ho katachthonios kinezos Fou Mansou. New York: Enossis, 1920.
The Infernal Dr. Fu Manchu = The Insidious Dr. Fu-Manchu. 156 pages.

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He epanodos tou Fou Mansou.  New York: Enossis, 1920.
The Return of Dr. Fu-Manchu. 104 pages.

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To xeri tou Fou Mansou.  New York: Enossis, 1920.
The Hand of Fu-Manchu. 157 pages.

Ho katachthonios kinezos Fou Mansou (The Insidious Dr. Fu-Manchu) / (bound with) He epanodos tou Fou Mansou (The Return of Dr. Fu-Manchu) / To xeri tou Fou Mansou (The Hand of Fu-Manchu). New York: Enossis Publishing Company, 1920.
The three works bound in 1 volume. 156pp. + 104pp. + 158pp. Brown decorative cloth, front cover designed in black, lettered in gilt.  Titles and text are entirely in Greek - only the author's name and the publisher's imprint are in English. These were also issued in separate editions, and have been seen in large paperbound fo rmat, in brown wrappers. All were part of the series: "National Herald Library of the Mysterious and Strange". The imprint on the front cover is: National Herald/New York.

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Aigyptiaka mysteria.  New York: Enossis, 1920.
Egyptian Mysteries = Tales of Secret Egypt. 146 pages.

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To kitrino nocti.  New York: Enossis, 1920.
The Yellow Claw. 175 pages.

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