Sax Rohmer in
Famous Fantastic Mysteries

Three of Sax Rohmer's titles were reprinted in the classic pulp, Famous Fantastic Mysteries, which generally published a long "novel" and a companion short story. Each of Rohmer's titles was paired with what remains a classic.

The first was "Brood of the Witch Queen, A Compelling Fantasy Classic" which was joined by "The Disintegration Machine" by Arthur Conan Doyle.




Famous Fantastic Mysteries,
January, 1951

Famous Fantastic Mysteries,
  July 1951


Later in 1951, the July issue featured  H. G. Wells' "Book Length Novel, The War of the Worlds" and Rohmer's short story "Tchériapin."  

While "Tchériapin" did not make the cover, he did have a wonderful interior portrait by Virgil Finlay.

Who was "Tchériapin"?


Cover by Lawrence [Sterne Stevens]



In October of the following year "The Bat Flies Low, A Suspense-Mystery Classic" was reprinted.

Again, there were only two items: Rohmer's  "novel" and "Thus I Refute Beelzy" by John Collier.







Cover and three interior illustrations
by Lawrence [Sterne Stevens]

Batflies.jpg (31013 bytes)
Famous Fantastic Mysteries,
  October 1952

"He knew, but too late, what had happened . . . ."

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