Sax Rohmer's Corgi Editions

Date: November 19, 1999

Transworld Publishers Ltd. of London reprinted at least eleven of the Fu Manchu books in paperback under their Corgi Books imprint (series: Corgi Crime) during 1967 and 1968.   The books were distributed not only in the United Kingdom but in Australia and New Zealand as well.   Price in the UK was 3s6d; in Australia, 60c; in New Zealand, 4s6d or 45c. The cover art is quite interesting but no artist is identified.

The Mystery of Doctor Fu-Manchu
January 1967  GC 7587  190 pp
Set in 9 pt. Times

The Devil Doctor
January 1967  GC 7588  190 pp
Set in 9/9 pt. Times

The Si-Fan Mysteries
January 1967  GC 7589  190 pp
Set in 9/10 pt. Times

Daughter of Fu-Manchu
March 1967  GC 7624  190 pp
Set in 10 pt. Plantin

The Mask of Fu-Manchu
May 1967  GC 7664  221 pp
Set in 10 pt. Garamond

The Bride of Fu-Manchu
July 1967  GC 7698  190 pp
Set in 9/9 pt. Plantin

President Fu-Manchu
September 1967  GC 7738  223 pp
Set in 9/9 pt. Times

Re-Enter Dr. Fu-Manchu
November 1967  GC 7784  157 pp
  Set in 10 pt.Garamond

The Trail of Fu-Manchu
January 1968  552 07814 X    190 pp
Set in 9 pt. Baskerville

The Island of Fu-Manchu
April 1968  552 07874 3   223 pp

The Drums of Fu Manchu
July 1968  552 07945 6, 192 p.

(1)   As the above list makes clear, the books were not issued in their proper chronological order.   Whether Emperor Fu Manchu was included in the set is not known.
(2)   The name "Fu-Manchu" was hyphenated on all covers.   From Daughter of Fu Manchu onward, the hyphen was not used on the title page or in the text.
(3)   The books carried no identification of the cover artist (or artists).
(4)   The books were set in a variety of type faces and point sizes, apparently to control the number of pages.

Copyright 1999 Lawrence Knapp & R. E. Briney. All rights reserved.

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