What is that Music?

I am frequently asked for information regarding the music which plays in the background on The Page of Fu Manchu. The simple truth is--I don't know. 

When I first started working on the site, I thought it would be nice to have some background music. I searched my hard drive for midi files and was surprised at how many were in my cache. Playing them to see if a suitable file could be found, I discovered "welcome.mid" and knew it was perfect. The problem was that it just appeared. I couldn't remember having heard it before! I assumed it might have been on a web site I visited while my volume control was turned down so I searched the web for it.  I found nothing. Periodically, I repeat the search, but with no luck to date.

With the many requests for information or the full piece, there is an artist out there who has a following and doesn't know it. If anyone can find out who wrote this music, please let me know so the artist can get the credit and attention deserved.

Play welcome.mid

To save the file, right click the link and choose "Save target as . . ."

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