Bibliography of Ellis Parker Butler
Ellis Parker Butler published in "Grand Magazine"

    'Enter Fate-Punctured' from Grand Magazine (September, 1930)


  1. Grand Magazine (September, 1930)   "Enter Fate-Punctured" Click here to see a picture of this item.A story.  [FICTIONMAGS]
  2. 1933

  3. Grand Magazine (July, 1933)   "Perfection Plus"   A story.  [FICTIONMAGS]
  4. 1934

  5. Grand Magazine (October, 1934)   192 pages, complete mystery by Agatha Christie, other stories by Warwick Deeping, Storm Jameson, Gilbert Frankau, S.Jepson, Ellis Parker Butler, poetry etc, plus ads, story by A. Christie is titled "The Rajah's Emerald".  [WEB]

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